Personalized Prosthetics

You have unique needs and goals.  At Texas Prosthetic Systems (TPS), we take great care to develop personalized plans specific to each patient.  This includes routine follow-ups and constant communication to assist all patients in achieving their goals.

Comfort Comes First

Every successful prosthetic journey begins with a comfortable socket. The prosthetic socket is the part of a prosthesis that you feel against your skin. We make our prosthetic sockets to be light-weight and streamlined, so that can perform a wider range of activities without pain or discomfort.

Components to Meet Your Needs

Texas Prosthetic Systems (TPS) works closely with you to understand your functional potential and environmental needs. Our specialists have a deep understanding of the latest advances in the field of prosthetics and enjoy access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Your component selection is tailored to your individual needs. We advocate for you to ensure your prosthetic design enables you to reach your fullest potential.

We’re With You, Every Step of the Way

Our Amputee Care Management service ensures you feel supported from Day 1. At Texas Prosthetic Systems (TPS), you’ll be treated like family. As you progress along your rehabilitation journey, we will continue to support you. Whether you need an adjustment or a replacement, we’re ready to advocate for you.

On-Site Fabrication Laboratory

We know every detail matters, which is why we pay such close attention to our craftsmanship. At Texas Prosthetic Systems (TPS), we handle it all, from start to finish. Our prosthetists work closely with our on-site technicians in our own fabrication laboratory to ensure quality control and timely service.